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锅炉维护人员 的翻译是:Boiler maintenance personnel 中文翻译

aneroli body lotion neroli身体化妆水 [translate] acontextualising 放在上下文a锅炉维护人员 Boiler attendant [translate] 英语翻译 日语翻译 韩语翻译 德语

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boiler oil price12386 boiler oil price products below WNS Series Fire Tube Automatic 1- 20 ton Industrial Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler Price $5,500.00

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2013年12月28日-s actually a boilerplate which loads the mono framework included as few Let’s have it matching this evil predator’s body. In the “Inspector”

生物质锅炉,biomass boiler,音标,读音,翻译,英文例句,英语词典

biomass generating boiler and actual operation status,this paper states that operation experience and boiler body of current biomass boiler should be perfecte

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BOILER SUIT在剑桥英语词典中的解释及翻译

boiler suit的意思、解释及翻译:a piece of clothing that covers both the upper and lower parts of the body and is worn especially over other clothes to

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2017年12月30日-中文标准名称:Heating Boilers - Part 3: Gas-fired Central Heating Boilers - Assembly Comprising A Boiler Body And 英文标准名称:Heating Boile

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QINGDAO Marine Boiler Spare Parts ShaZhou Marine Boiler Spare Parts KaiNeng BoilerHYUNDAI HIMSEN H 21/32 BODY A42000-419 HYUNDAI HIMSEN H 21/32 GAUGE

tanking - 必应词典

全部,罐,箱,柜,水柜,装满槽[柜],贮存在槽[柜]里,坦克,桶,地窖防水层 更多例句筛选 1. With a tanking economy, up-and-down stock markets, ever growing


2018年4月3日-Compensation of thermal Boiler Expansion to the axis of the connected coal Valve body: Welded steel construction Sealing: Single- or dou

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Boiler Water Level Gage Super-high Pressure Multiport Type - BN200 series 1 Gauge Body 1 Stainless Stieeel 2 Gaskets 2n KLING Grapha(KG) (Graphite

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2019年3月15日-// This is boilerplate in terms of "result" and "bind".let rec whileLoop pred body = if pred() then body |> bind (fun

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Marine Boiler Marine Pressure Vessels Marine Desalination system Marine Heat ExchangerDAIHATSU 6 DL 32 DAIHATSU 6 DL 32 PUMP BODY-FC C038510081Z DAIHATSU

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Steam Boiler Manufacturers Gas Combi Boiler Gas Boiler Radiator , Find Complete Details about Steam Boiler Manufacturers Gas Combi Boiler Gas Boiler Radiator,

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2016年10月30日-FormUri 和 FormBody 特性 FormUri和FormBody特性可用在服务接口里,优先控制绑定标签: ABP, 框架, 文档, ASP.NET Boilerplate, Dynamic Web API La

boiler 的翻译是:锅炉 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语

cut the wool person to take down a scrap sheepskin from sheep's body, aboiler 锅炉 [translate] 英语翻译 日语翻译 韩语翻译 德语翻译 法语翻译 俄语

tube body chain-Source quality tube body chain from Global

Crystal Body Chain Rhinestone Jewelry Sequins Tube Tops Harness Body Chain new technology Water tube biomass wood pellet fired superheated steam boiler


2017年7月18日-Centralized control room for machineries Reactor room 反应堆舱 Boiler room Loaded waterline 满载水线 Parallel middle-body length 平行中体


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2017年7月13日-Boilermaking (DVS) 锅炉(DVS) 主9分/副3分 Dental Assistance (DVS) 牙科援助Automotive Body Repair and Repainting (DVS) 汽车车身修复和修复(DVS) 主6

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Wearable Computing Technology is a suite of devices "worn" on the body, boiler heat to solve problems of adsorbent, adsorption bed, heat transfer,

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- Identification of the major fluxes inside the cell body. Trainee Engineer Mechanical (Boiler) ENGIE2009 年 5 月 –2011 年 3 月 1 年 11 个月 Hub

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For BMW F12 F13 6 SERIES HALF CARBON FIBER+FRP WIDE Body KIT PD style Aluminum Coaxial Flue Kit for Gas Boiler $1.50 - $3.60 /Piece 6 CN

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2017年6月20日-家用燃气采暖热水两用炉 domestic gas boiler for both heating and hot water 井座fundus of chamber, chamber body 设置在塑料检查井底部的部件,

意大利进口加吉亚 Gaggia Brera 新秀全自动咖啡机 家用商用【图片

2019年5月15日-锅炉Boiler 不锈钢 水箱Water Tank 可随意取出 水箱容量Water Tank capacity 机身材质Bodywork ABS 颜色 银黑色 滤水器Water filter 选配 咖啡水路清洁

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Nobody could force him to do what he thought was wrong.谁也不能强迫他做This water is forced into the boiler by the feed pump. 用水泵将水压入锅

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QINGDAO Marine Boiler Spare Parts ShaZhou Marine Boiler Spare Parts KaiNeng BoilerDAIHATSU DLM 26 COVER(BC), PUMP BODY C038310102A DAIHATSU DLM 26 BEAR

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2014年3月25日-4. 引用:body 主体;正文 | boilerplate 引用| boxhead 表头栏 boilerplate 双语例句 1. However, after spending time with the trace class, I found

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2014年3月25日-使用自动属性(Auto Property),从而避免重复编写样版代码(Boilerplate Code)。 public SExpression Body { get; private set; } public String[] Parameters

热水锅炉 的翻译是:Hot-water boiler 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语

相关图片 Below, I can demonstrate some related pictures for everybody [a热水锅炉 Hot water boiler [translate] 英语翻译 日语翻译 韩语翻译 德语翻译

Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine_亚马逊

2018年3月1日-The water in the boiler of the machine will get hotter during the brewingNo -Body Material:Plastic -Base Material:Plastic -Number of Item

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QINGDAO Marine Boiler Spare Parts ShaZhou Marine Boiler Spare Parts KaiNeng BoilerDAIHATSU DLM 26 PUMP BODY-BC C038510082Z DAIHATSU DLM 26 COVER-FC, P

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2018年3月12日-之后是ListBody组件:import React from 'react'; import {Link} from 'dva/2. Asp.Net Boilerplate Project (ABP) 视频教程(1) 3. c# MongoDB Driv

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1.8L 1500W instant heating boiler Min. Order: 1 Piece Inquire NowKey High polished stainless steel body, durable and beautiful High-grade temperature

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